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New—Information on E-Cigarettes and other nicotine products.

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Grade 7 Video

Before viewing the following videos, please refer to the "Youth Tobacco Prevention Video Overview" page or download the pdf here. To view the videos click on the names to the left of the video screen. Be sure to scroll to the end of this guide for suggested classroom discussion starters.

Totally Caught Length: 3 min. 3 sec.

Getting Started: Incorporating the Video

  • Introduce video as a part of or after Activity 2: Tobacco Use – The Health Consequences
  • See page 13 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of theDecision-Making Process
  • Review "How to Say No" poster for overview of refusal skills
List of Characters and Their Roles
  • Shelley (Main Character): Jenny's younger sister. Confronted with peer pressure as she catches her sister and her sister's friend with cigarettes.
  • Jenny: Shelley's older sister. Pleads with Shelley not to tell their parents she smokes.
  • Marla: Jenny's friend. Brings cigarettes to her friend's house.
Situation: Older Sibling and Friend Using Tobacco at Home

The story takes place in Jenny's bedroom.

Jenny and Marla are hanging out in Jenny's room when they take out a pack of cigarettes to smoke just as Shelley walks in. Shelley confronts Jenny about her smoking and shares with her some of the health consequences of smoking. She threatens to tell their parents if Jenny does not quit.

Pause the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What is the conflict that Shelley is experiencing in this situation?
  • What is the decision that Shelley will have to make? What are Shelley's choices?
  • Describe some of the health risks and consequences related to using tobacco.
  • What do you think is the right decision for Shelley to make? Restart the Video
The Decision: Shelley's Decision-Making Process

Shelley is struggling with the decision to tell her parents that she caught Jenny and Marla with cigarettes or to give Jenny the opportunity to make the right choice.

Shelley reviews the decision-making steps by discussing her desire for her sister to quit smoking, her concern for her sister's health, not wanting to get her sister in trouble, the health consequences of smoking and whether she should tell her parents that Jenny smokes.

Refusal Skill: Shelley Uses the "Reverse the Pressure" Refusal Skill

Shelley chooses to reverse the pressure on her sister Jenny by threatening to tell their parents that she smokes unless Jenny agrees to quit. She is conflicted with this choice but believes that what Jenny is doing is wrong and bad for her. Shelley provides Jenny with the opportunity to make the right decision and say no to tobacco, but leaves the option open of telling their parents if Jenny makes the wrong choice.

Conclusion of the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • How do you think Shelley felt to find her older sister and Marla with cigarettes?
  • Do you think Marla's presence could have influenced Jenny's or Shelley's decisions? In what way?
  • How would you have handled the situation, e.g., tell your parent(s), watch her flush the cigarettes down the toilet, ignore the situation?
  • How should Shelley make sure her sister got rid of the cigarettes and kept her word not to smoke? What would you do if she did not give up cigarettes?