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Grade 7 Video

Before viewing the following videos, please refer to the "Youth Tobacco Prevention Video Overview" page or download the pdf here. To view the videos click on the names to the left of the video screen. Be sure to scroll to the end of this guide for suggested classroom discussion starters.

Surprise Chat Length: 3 min. 51 sec.

Getting Started: Incorporating the Video

  • Introduce video as a part of or after Activity 10: It's Decision Time!
  • See page 13 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of theDecision-Making Process
  • See page 14 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for an overview of peer influence and peer acceptance
List of Characters and Their Roles
  • Paul (Main Character): Jay's friend. Experiencing peer influence as he is conflicted about going with Jay on the camping trip and meeting up with the popular girl he likes.
  • Jay: Paul's loyal friend. Celebrating his birthday with his annual camping trip with Paul.
  • Angela: The popular girl Paul likes.
Situation: Choosing Between a Girl and a Friend

The story takes place in Paul's bedroom.

Paul chats online with Angela. She invites Paul to go hang out at the mall or her house with all the cool kids. He does not want to miss out on his chance to hang out with the cool kids, but has made plans to go camping with his best friend, Jay, who is celebrating his birthday.

Pause the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What is the dilemma that Paul is facing?
  • Do you think Paul should tell Jay about the invitation from Angela?
  • How could Paul's decision affect his friendship with Jay?
  • What do you think is the right decision for Paul to make?
Restart the Video
The Decision: Paul's Decision-Making Process

Paul is excited that Angela has taken notice of him and invited him to hang out with her and the cool kids, but his best friend is counting on him to go on the camping trip. Jay had another friend that had to cancel his trip, leaving Paul as the sole person to go.

Paul reviews the decision-making process by discussing how he wants to spend time with both Angela and Jay, how Jay has always been there for him but this might be his only chance to hang out with the cool kids and how he will deal with the situation by honoring his friendship and walking away from Angela to celebrate his friend's birthday.

The Choice: Paul Declines Angela's Invitation

Paul chose to walk away from Angela's invitation to hang out at the mall in order to go on the annual camping trip with Jay to celebrate his friend's birthday. He really likes Angela and was disappointed not to be able to hang out with her, especially since he did not know she liked him. Paul decided to stick by his best friend and hopes that Angela will invite him to hang out another time.

Conclusion of the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What were the choices that Paul considered in his decision-making process?
  • What would you do if you were in Paul's position?
  • What values would influence your decision?
  • Are you ever faced with situations where you need to make a decision between something you want to do and a commitment that you need to keep? Explain the situation and how you handled it.