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Grades 5 & 6

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Grades 5 & 6 Video

Before viewing the following videos, please refer to the "Youth Tobacco Prevention Video Overview" page or download the pdf here. To view the videos click on the names to the left of the video screen. Be sure to scroll to the end of this guide for suggested classroom discussion starters.

Skater Boy Length: 2min. 30 sec.

Getting Started: Incorporating the Video

  • Introduce video as a part of or after Activity 5: What Would You Do?
  • See page 13 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of the Decision-Making Process
  • Review "How to Say No" poster for overview of refusal skills
List of Characters and Their Roles
  • Benjamin (Main Character): 5th grader. Confronted with peer pressure from older students trying to get him to do some tricks on his new skateboard
  • Andy & Nate: Older students. Bullying Benjamin about his skateboarding abilities
Situation: Bullying on the Playground

The story takes place at a school playground where kids are performing dangerous tricks on their skateboards. Older kids Andy and Nate are bullying Benjamin as he thinks about trying out his new skateboard. The older boys grab his skateboard and tease him about not having the courage to try any of the skateboard tricks. He just received his new skateboard and is trying to learn some tricks, but is still a beginner and does not have the skills to attempt the more advanced, dangerous tricks.

Pause the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What is the dilemma that Benjamin is facing in this scenario?
  • What do you think Benjamin is feeling or thinking at this moment as he is being pressured by two older kids?
  • What options do you think Benjamin has in dealing with this situation?
  • How would you deal with the situation? What decision would you make?
Restart the Video
The Decision: Benjamin's Decision-Making Process

Benjamin must decide if he is going to give in to peer pressure and attempt a skateboarding trick that may hurt him or resist the pressure from the bullies.Benjamin reviews the decision-making steps by discussing his desire to ease into tricks on the new board, the consequences of being pressured into doing something he is not ready to try and how he will deal with the bullying through humor.

Refusal Skill: Benjamin Uses Both the "Add Some Humor" and "Walk Away" Refusal Skills

Benjamin makes the decision not to give into the pressure from the bullies and perform a trick that he is not skilled enough to accomplish. He walks through the possible options and assesses the consequences of performing a trick and decides that the pain it could cause is not worth the risk. Benjamin uses a little humor to get out of the situation and ends up using a trick to "split" from the bullies.

Conclusion of the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What are the 6 steps that Benjamin took to come to a decision?
  • What refusal skills did Benjamin demonstrate in the segment and what reasons did he give for resisting peer pressure? Why do you think he used a second refusal skill?
  • How would you have handled the situation using one of the other refusal skills?
  • What do you think could have happened if Benjamin gave in to the pressure from the bullies?