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Before viewing the following videos, please refer to the "Youth Tobacco Prevention Video Overview" page or download the pdf here. To view the videos click on the names to the left of the video screen. Be sure to scroll to the end of this guide for suggested classroom discussion starters.

Geek At The Party Length: 3 min. 11 sec.

Getting Started: Incorporating the Video

  • Introduce video as a part of or after Activity 5: When Saying No is the Way to Go
  • See page 13 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of the Decision-Making Process
  • Review "How to Say No" poster for overview of refusal skills
List of Characters and Their Roles
  • Angela (Main Character): Popular girl who likes an unpopular guy, Leon. Facing peer pressure from her friend Marisa not to talk to Leon.
  • Marisa: Angela's friend. Part of the popular crowd.
  • Leon: Boy that likes Angela, but is not part of the popular crowd.
Situation: Befriending Someone Your Friends Do Not Like

This situation takes place at a party that Angela, Marisa and Leon are all attending.

Leon approaches Angela at the party and tries to ask her out but the party is noisy and she misunderstands his question. Marisa grabs Angela and pulls her away to tell her that she should not waste her time with Leon because she is better than he is. Marisa does not seem to like Leon.

Pause the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What is the conflict that Angela is experiencing in this scenario?
  • How do you think Angela feels having Marisa pressure her about talking to Leon?
  • Do you think it is right for friends to pressure each other into doing something they do not want to do?
  • Are there times when it is appropriate to apply peer pressure to a friend, such as influencing their decision not to try tobacco?
Restart the Video
The Decision: Angela's Decision-Making Process

Angela must decide if she is going to do what her friend wants and ignore Leon or if she is going to stand up for herself and do what she wants.

Angela reviews the decision-making steps by discussing how funny Leon is and how she really likes him, how she would like her friends to give him a chance, how she fears they will tease her, and how she will use the skill of standing up for herself and go ask Leon out herself.

Refusal Skill: Angela Uses the "Walk Away" Refusal Skill

Angela realizes that she could be affecting her status at school and ruin her relationship with her friend Marisa if she chooses to talk to or go out with Leon since her friend does not approve of him. She does not want to be an outcast at school, but she also does not want to be pressured into doing what her friend wants. Angela chooses to walk away from Marisa and stands up for what she wants.

Conclusion of the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What refusal skill did Angela exhibit in this segment?
  • What are some other ways Angela could have said no to Marisa?
  • How do you think Angela's decision to walk away from Marisa will affect her status at school?
  • Do you think it is right for Marisa not to be supportive of her friend?
  • What are some of the traits in a friend that are important to you?
  • What would you do if you were in a similar situation?