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Grade 7 Video

Before viewing the following videos, please refer to the "Youth Tobacco Prevention Video Overview" page or download the pdf here. To view the videos click on the names to the left of the video screen. Be sure to scroll to the end of this guide for suggested classroom discussion starters.

Eggin’ Length: 2 min. 55 sec.

Getting Started: Incorporating the Video

  • Introduce video as a part of or after Activity 4: Peer Pressure and Influence – Do Your Friends Affect Your Decisions?
  • See page 13 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of the Decision-Making Process
  • Review "How to Say No" poster for overview of refusal skills
List of Characters and Their Roles
  • Jay (Main Character): Boy who wants to be part of the popular group. Faced with peer pressure from the popular guys to go egg homes.
  • Andy & Nate: Popular guys at school. Want Jay to go eggin' houses with them.
  • Jay's Mom: (voice over)
Situation: Peers Want Help to Vandalize Property

The situation occurs at Jay's house.

Andy and Nate show up at Jay's house dressed in dark clothing to invite Jay to go with them to egg houses. Nate thinks it is a bad idea because he thinks Jay is a dork. While Andy and Nate are the coolest guys in school and Jay wants them to like him, he doesn't want to egg houses.

Pause the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • How do you think Jay felt to have the cool kids show up at his door and invite him to go eggin' with them?
  • Do you believe that Andy's comment about Jay will affect his decision?
  • Do you think Jay is experiencing peer pressure or peer influence? Explain the difference.
  • What are Jay's choices in dealing with Andy and Nate?
Restart the Video
The Decision: Jay's Decision-Making Process

Jay is excited that the cool guys have invited him to hang out with them, especially since he didn't think they even knew his name. Now he needs to decide if he wants to participate in destructive behavior to hang out with Andy and Nate or to respect others' property and say no to the chance he has to be around the popular kids.

Jay reviews the decision-making steps by discussing his desire to be liked by Andy and Nate, the consequences that his actions could have on his neighbors, his discomfort at potentially disappointing his parents and how he will refuse the invitation through reason.

Refusal Skill: Jay Uses the "Give Them a Reason" and "Explain Why You Said No" Refusal Skill

Jay made the decision not to go eggin' with Nate and Andy and chose to tell them why going eggin' was a bad idea. He realizes that this decision might lead to him being teased by the cool kids, but chose to stick to his values instead of going along with the crowd.

Conclusion of the Video: Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters
  • What do you think would be the consequences if Jay went along and they were caught eggin'?
  • What refusal skill did Jay adopt to demonstrate that he does not want to vandalize any property? Provide examples of other refusal skills he could have used in this scenario.
  • How would you feel if a group you wanted to be a part of showed up at your door to invite you to hang out?
  • How would you handle the situation if they asked you to do something that you were not comfortable doing?
  • Do you have a core set of values that directs your actions? What are some of the values?
  • What values do you look for in a friend?