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RDRN Videos

Grades 5 & 6

Grade 7

Grades 8 & 9

General Overview of the RDRN Videos

The Right Decisions, Right Now videos have a graphic "comic book" look and feel overlaid on video footage. This educational, live-action video provides examples of real-life situations that students in grades 5-9 may face in their daily lives. Each of the situations places the students in the middle of a scenario where the main character is faced with a decision, and at the paused moment where they may either succumb to peer pressure/influence or resist it. The action is stopped at this critical point and the main character is pulled out of the situation where he/she voices his/her thoughts about the situation and walks through the decision-making process (goals, choices, consequences and decision) that is integral to the RDRN curriculum. (Go to page 13 of the Overview Booklet provided with the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of the Decision-Making Process.)

The RDRN videos provide a total of 9 segments with a breakout of 3 segments for each grade level covered in the program (grades 5/6, grade 7, grades 8/9).

The 3 separate video segments for each grade are designed to complement the 3 categories focused on in the study guides: health (Keeping Healthy section), interpersonal skills (How Friends Fit In section) and intrapersonal skills (How I Am section). (Go to page 9 of the Overview Booklet in the curriculum for an overview of the activities and subjects focused on in each of these 3 categories.)

The videos are available on the web page as a download using Windows Media or Quicktime or can be previewed on the web page as streaming.

Length of individual video segments by grade(s)/category

Category Grades 5 & 6 Grade 7 Grades 8 & 9
Health Consequences Summer Boredom Totally Caught Gamers
Interpersonal Skills Skater Boy Eggin' Geek at the Party
Intrapersonal Skills Pop Quiz Surprise Chat Stressed